Major events in Elijah’s life

  • First mentioned in I Kings 17:1. Last mentioned in II Kings 10:17.
  • Prophesied against Ahab and Ahaziah.
  • I Kings 17:1 – famine
  • I Kings 17:2-7 – fed by the ravens
  • I Kings 17:8-24 – fed the widow and raised her son
  • I Kings 18:19-19:3 – defeated the prophets of Baal and fled Jezebel
  • I Kings 19:16-21 – chose Elisha to succeed him
  • II Kings 2:1-12 – taken up to heaven. Elijah was one of only two people in the Bible to not experience physical death (Hebrews 11:5).
  • Malachi 4:1-5 – At the very end of the Old Testament, Elijah’s name is mentioned again. John the Baptist was a parallel to John the Baptist.

Elijah’s impact

  • Elijah is mentioned during a relatively small part of the Old Testament, but he had a great impact, even in the New Testament.
  • Luke 1:17 – See I Kings 18:39.
  • Luke 4:25-26 – Reference to Elijah being sent to the widow in Sidon. God preserved her.
  • James 5:17 – Elijah mentioned in reference to the power of prayer.
  • Romans 11:4-5 – A remnant of faithful people remains. Compare I Kings 19:14-18.
  • Matthew 11:7-14 – When Jesus talks about John the Baptist, we learn more about the determination of Elijah as well.
    • Elijah was strong-willed in his determination to God. He demanded repentance and a return to God. He knew who should be punished for evil.
  • What kind of lasting impact do we have on people? Is it for the better or worse?

Elijah encounters God

  • I Kings 19:9-13 – Elijah’s encounter with the Lord.