Eliphaz (Job 22:1-30)

  • Eliphaz assumes God is punishing Job, which is a false assumption. He insists that Job needs to repent and get right with God. Be careful what you assume! Starting with a false premise leads to error.

Job (Job 23:1-24:25)

  • Job 23:1-9 – Job longs to speak to God.
  • Job 23:12-17 – Job still has his faith in God, but is dismayed and confused.
  • Job 24:1-12 – Job complains that it seems God doesn’t care about punishing sin.
  • Job 24:18-25 – Job acknowledges that the wicked finally meet their end.

Bildad (Job 25:1-6)

  • God is so perfect and glorious that no human can stand before Him.

Job (Job 26:1-31:40)

  • Job 26:1-4 – Job is not impressed with his friends!
  • Job 27:7-23 – Job still sees justice in the world.
  • Job 28:1-28 – Wisdom is not a physical item that can be mined from the earth.
    • Job 28:23-28 – God understands wisdom. Fearing God is wisdom!
  • Job’s friends had less confidence in Job than God did. We should strive to have God’s confidence, not that of our friends. We should also show the kind of confidence in God that Job did!
  • Job 29:1-2 – Job longs for the good ol’ days.
  • Job 31:1-40 – Job declares his innocence in various ways.