• Judges 2:6-10 – “know” means to regard or esteem God. They knew of God, but did not esteem Him.
  • Apostasy doesn’t happen overnight. It often happens after years of unaddressed spiritual problems.
  • Apostasy often has outside help. Possibly even parents and elders.

Things that can produce “another” generation

Young people not encouraged to ask “why”

  • Acts 17:11 – This advice is good for others and for us.

  • John 20:24-25

    • There are two kinds of doubt:

      • “I doubt it!” – refusal to budge from a position

      • “I doubt it?” – honest doubt seeking answers

    • Thomas had the right kind of doubt. He was willing to believe, but wanted reason to.

  • Paul Little, paraphrased – Children who ask questions to adults with a high shock index are quickly taken aback by their reaction and switch to towing the party line. They quietly wait until the pressure to conform is reduced and then leave a faith that was never really their own.

Pressure to become a Christian

  • Galatians 4:19
  • We can’t force people to be Christians. We should be leading people to Christ.
  • Even after people are baptized, don’t leave them. Help them grow.
  • I Peter 3:15
  • We need more real disciples of Christ!
  • Luke 17:20-21 – The kingdom of God is within you! Kingdom here means the rule of God in your heart.

Self-righteous people

  • Luke 18:9
  • II Corinthians 10:12


  • Romans 2:17-24 – The name of the Lord was blasphemed because of their hypocrisy!
  • Little eyes and ears pick up on hypocrisy and it can stay with them for years.
  • Galatians 5:13-15 – Don’t bite and devour each other!