What must I do to be saved?

  • II Timothy 3:14-15 – What were these scriptures that Timothy knew? It was the Old Testament! This was sufficient to lead Timothy to salvation.
  • James 2:21-22 – Works here = obedience. The way we see Abraham’s faith is by his obedience. Your faith is evident not by just what you say but by what you do.
    • Genesis 22:1-14 – God had promised Abraham a son for 25 years, which he finally had at the age of 100. God then asked Abraham to sacrifice that same son, which surely made no sense to Abraham. God got the sacrifice He wanted – He wanted to see that Abraham was willing to make a great sacrifice to serve Him.

Three things that Abraham sacrificed and that we must also sacrifice

His logic

  • II Kings 5:10-14 – Naaman was told to do an illogical thing!

His emotions

  • Abraham knew that sacrificing his son would not be quick and painless.
  • Matthew 10:34-38 – We may have to sacrifice relationships to serve God, even in our own family.

His will

  • Matthew 16:24 – We must give up ourselves – let God rule our lives.
  • This is what was instilled in Timothy and must be instilled in us.