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  • I Peter 5:1-14
  • I Peter 5:5 – Peter beings to make a comparison between the role of the older men and younger men. The younger men are to be subject to the elders. See Matthew 23:28. We are all to serve each other.
  • I Peter 5:6-7 – We must all humble ourselves before God. We must leave all our anxiety in God’s hands because He cares for us.
  • I Peter 5:8 – One of the ways Satan seeks to tempt us is in pride. We all have a tendency to think higher of ourselves than we should. We must all realize that Satan is after us personally.
  • I Peter 5:9 – Like Jesus, we can put the devil to flight by resisting him. We have more power in this regard than Satan! We’ll never have to give an account to Satan if we resist him, but we will certainly have to give an account to God if we resist Him!
    • See I Timothy 3:12. If we do have to suffer in some way for Christ, we should have the same reaction as the apostles in Acts 5 and rejoice that we are counted worthy to suffer for Christ.
  • I Peter 5:12 – “our faithful brother” – this was quite the compliment!
  • I Peter 5:13 – “She” here is apparently a woman who was a Christian known to the audience.
  • I Peter 5:14 – This “holy kiss” is equivalent to our handshake today.