• I John 1:7
  • Each word in the above is very significant:
    • “If”: two possibilities, to walk or not to walk
    • “We”: personal, too important for me to miss it
    • “Walk”: continuous action, keep on walking
    • “In”: in connection with
    • “The”: definite article, only light in which can walk
    • “Light”: truth, make God’s Word our light
  • Blessings for walking in the light
    • Blood keeps on cleansing
    • Keep on having fellowship with God
    • The blessings are not automatic. God has never bestowed blessings without response.
      • Luke 17:10 – When one meets his responsibilities, he has not earned salvation.
      • Romans 6:23 – It is still be grace.
    • Wrong views of walking in the light
      • Some say:
        • It is just believe and love; doctrine and practice do not make a difference.
        • It is to feel in our hearts we are right.
        • It is to never sin.
        • It is to be able to specifically recognize, confess, and pray about every sin, even those done ignorantly.
      • The truth
        • Psalm 19:12-13 – Secret vs presumptuous sins
      • Walking in the light in this context
        • Sometimes we sin (I John 1:8,10)
        • Keep on confessing (I John 1:9)
        • Keep on keeping His commands (I John 2:3-5)
        • Walk as He walked (I John 2:6)

Keep on

Keep on


Being blood cleansed


Having fellowship

Keeping commands

Walking in the light

  • The one who slips has not stopped walking in the light, but the one who stops confessing, obeying, and praying is not walking in the light.
  • The one who walks in the light:
    • Has been baptized into Christ
    • Is making Jesus the lord of his life
    • Specifically confesses and prays about sins of which he is cognizant
    • Prays like David in case he has sinned unknowingly.
  • Security:
    • I John 5:10-13
    • I John 2:1-2