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  • Be examples to the flock.
  • “Hold fast the faithful word; exhort and convince (refute) the gainsayer.” - Titus 1:9
    • They must know it.
    • They must love it supremely.
    • They must hold it fast.
    • They are to use it to encourage some and refute others.
  • Shepherd, feed, tend the flock among them - I Peter 5:2
    • The food is the word of God. Acts 20:28
    • Restore the fallen.
    • Protect from wolves.
    • Materially relieve the indigent.
  • Watch for the souls under their charge. Hebrews 13:17
    • Encourage the strong.
  • Oversee the flock. Acts 20:28
    • Group action requires oversight or leadership.
    • Elders are God’s assigned overseers.
    • They are to oversee the congregation in all its functions.
  • It is interesting and profitable to notice that among the specified functions of elders, decision making is not listed.
    • Yet we hear it prayed that elders make good decisions more than anything else.

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