Some would answer, “I just like to sing.” Some would answer, “I sing because God commands it.” And some would answer, “I do not sing.” It is very good to sing because God commands it. But that is not enough. To be baptized because God commands it is good but that is not enough. Purpose must be understood, and one must be baptized for remission of sins. Just so, the purpose for singing must be understood. How do you answer this question?

The first song in the Bible is Exodus 15:1-21. They were singing to praise the Lord. Read verses 1, 6, 7, 11, and 18 for proof of this. Their singing was to thank God for deliverance from Exodus. Read verses 13, 19, and 21 for proof of this. The purpose of their singing was to praise God for deliverance.

As we turn through the Bible the second song is in Judges 5. They sang to praise God. For proof of this read verses 2, 3, and 9. They sang for the joy of deliverance from the army of Canaan. For proof of this read verses 11 and 12. The purpose of their singing was to praise God for deliverance.

In 2 Samuel 2 we have David’s song. He sang to praise God. See verses 2,3,4 and 47. He sang to thank God for deliverance. See verses 18, 44, and 49.

Thus, we see that they sang to praise for deliverance. From this we should see this is why we sing also. But let us go to the new covenant and see what we find.

See Romans 15:9-12. We are to sing to praise God (verses 9 and 11). We sing because we rejoice in the salvation that is provided in the “root of Jesse” – Jesus, verse 12.

See Ephesians 5:19-20. We sing to praise the Lord, verse 19. We sing giving thanks for the salvation He provides, verse 20.

See Colossians 3:15,16. We sing because we are thankful for the salvation He provides, verse 15. We sing to praise Him, verse 16. And here we learn one more reason to sing. We sing to teach and admonish one another, verse 16.

See James 5:13. It is natural to pray when in distress. And it is just as natural for the Christian to sing when he is merry because of the salvation God provides.

When one does not sing, it shows he/she is lacking in the desire to praise God for the salvation He provides and one’s concern for one another. And when one sings halfheartedly it shows he is weak in his desire to praise God and concern for one another.

Brethren, we have been redeemed; we have something for which to sing. So let us, each one, resolve to truly sing with the spirit and to be understood (1 Corinthians 14:15-16) so that we both praise God for redemption and edify one another.

Jesse Jenkins