Acts 10

  • Acts 10:1-2 – Cornelius was a devout man, who had a good reputation (see Acts 10:22).
  • Acts 10:3-4 – This is the first of four supernatural events in this chapter.
  • Acts 10:9-16 – Peter sees a vision from God. This is the second supernatural event.
  • Acts 10:17-23 – God gave Peter the vision, then allowed him some time to meditate on it.
    • Acts 10:23 – Six men accompanied Peter, as we learn from Acts 11:12.
  • Acts 10:24 – Cornelius wanted all his friends and relatives to hear the message also.
  • Acts 10:25-26 – Peter made it clear that he was not to be worshiped.
  • Acts 10:28 – Peter now understood his mission.
  • In Acts 8, 9, and 10, the Holy Spirit always worked to bring the sinner and the gospel together. The Holy Spirit didn’t directly tell the sinner what to do to be saved but brought him in contact with a man who could.
  • Acts 10:44 – The Holy Spirit falls on the Gentiles, showing that the message was for them also. There is nothing in this passage that implies that the Holy Spirit will fall upon all believers.
  • Acts 10:47 – Clearly baptism is required for salvation.

Acts 11

  • Acts 11:2-3 – Peter gets rebuked for going and eating with uncircumcised people.
  • Acts 11:18 – They rejoiced that the Gentiles could now partake of salvation!