Genesis 7 – God’s flood, continued

Existing physical evidence, continued

  • The hydrology
    • Plate tectonics
    • Where did the water come from?
      • Hurricane Harvey in 2018 dropped sixty inches of rain over four days. This level of rain over 40 days over the entire earth would put fifty feet of water over the entire surface of the earth.
  • The landforms
    • Genesis 7:11 – What was the deep? This word almost always refers to a body of water.
      • The power of God
        • Mr. St. Helens volcano
        • The Hunga-Tonga volcano
    • The ark rested on Ararat after 150 days and the floodwaters receded.
    • If thousands of feet of water started draining off of the earth, wouldn’t there be evidence?
    • Large volumes of water do not cause damage. Moving water does.
      • If the Grand Canyon were filled to the brim and suddenly allowed to drain, the flow would reach 273 ft./sec.
    • Where did the water go?
      • God could have made it disappear.
      • God could have sent it back to where it came from.
      • Psalms 104:8-10.