Acts 2

  • Mnemonics
    • Chapter 2 – On Pentecost, the church on earth is new.
    • Chapter 2 – Peter baptizes a crew.
  • Acts 2:1 – “They” here is referring to the apostles that were just mentioned. Pentecost means “fifty.” It was fifty days after Passover.
  • Acts 2:6 – Everyone heard the apostles speaking in their own language, so the tongues they were speaking in were evidently intelligible languages.
  • Acts 2:14 – Note that it was the apostles who were speaking in tongues. False doctrines have come from misunderstanding this.
  • Acts 2:16 – This prophecy was cited from Joel 2:28-32.
  • Acts 2:25 – This is cited from Psalms 16:8-11. For a Jewish audience, David was accepted as a reliable prophet, so this would be a powerful prophecy of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Acts 2:37 – “What shall we do?” This might be the most important question in the Bible!