• Why have churches departed from the pattern we see in scripture?

Drifting from God’s word

  • I Samuel 8:1-4 – The people recognized a need for improvement. They looked around and saw nations with kings that appeared to be thriving.
  • Why did Alexander Campbell push for the American Christian Missionary Society? He thought he perceived a need that was not being addressed.
  • But why was Israel week and oppressed? Not because they didn’t have a king, but because they were not obeying God. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.
Characteristics Also the Pattern in Scripture
Authority II Timothy 2:2 – giving diligence Hebrews 5:14 – constant practice
Name/description John 13:35 – identified as Christ’s by love for one another Philippians 4:1 – loving and longing for each other
Man’s part in obtaining salvation Romans 3:23-24 – acknowledge sin and recognize grace as a gift Romans 10:1 – salvation of the lost is our heart’s desire and prayer
Manner of worship and activities of the assembly Acts 2:42 – continued devotion Hebrews 12:28 – grateful worship, with reverence and awe
Work I Thessalonians 1:8 – sounding forth the word Acts 2:44-45 – selling and sharing Matthew 18:15 – discipline to gain the brother
Organization Hebrews 13:17 – obey those watching over our souls Acts 2:46 – breaking bread from house to house