What do we do when we encounter immodest behavior?

Where are we most likely to see immodest behavior?

  • It’s nearly everywhere!

Principles to consider

  • Where does immodesty lead?

    • Example: David and Bathsheba

    • It can cause us to lose our soul.

    • Matthew 5:28

    • Seeing immodesty is nearly unavoidable, but if you keep looking, that leads to trouble.

    • The pornography industry is massive. Pornography will enslave you if you allow it enter your life.

Consider one’s self

  • James 1:14-15 – It is our own lust that causes us to sin.
  • Genesis 39:9

Convictions to hold

  • Be determined not to sin.

    • Hebrews 10:26-39

    • We might be afraid we can’t handle the temptation or that we will miss out on the pleasure of sin.

  • Move forward – don’t shrink back.

    • Romans 13:13-14
  • Prepare your response to temptation ahead of time!

    • Genesis 39:9

Fighting back

  • “I can handle it.”
  • James 4:7; I Peter 5:6-9; II Timothy 2:22; I Corinthians 9:27; I Peter 1:13