Introduction (Romans 1:1-17)

  • Romans 1:1 – See Acts 9:15; Romans 2:17; 11:13. Paul is the writer. The theme of the book is that salvation is for everyone!
  • Romans 1:5 – Paul was made an apostle to bring about obedience in all the nations. Compare Romans 16:26.
  • Romans 1:6 – The people were “called” by the gospel.
  • Romans 1:7 – The people in Rome apparently had a good reputation in the world.
  • Romans 1:11-12 – The spiritual gift he is referring to may be the encouragement they receive from each other’s faith.
  • Romans 1:15 – We should also be eager to preach the gospel.
  • Romans 1:16-17 – The gospel is the universal solution to the problem of sin. This is the theme of the book. Compare Romans 10:3.
    • “from faith to faith” – This could mean “from the gospel to a believing faith.”

Five-word outline of Romans:

  1. Condemnation – All of us are guilty of sin and justly condemned by God.
  2. Christ – Thankfully, we are justified through faith in Jesus Christ!
  3. Choice – We must choose to die to sin, a system of perfect law-keeping, and the flesh.
  4. Children – ALL people can be children of God, whether Jews or Gentiles.
  5. Conduct – Given God’s love, His people ought to conduct themselves accordingly.

Condemnation (Romans 1:18-3:20)

  • Unrighteous people are condemned (Romans 1:18-32).
  • Romans 1:19-20 – God expected people to glorify Him! We should honor Him and give thanks.
  • Romans 1:24, 26, 28 – God “gave them up” because they chose to sin.
  • Romans 1:26-27 – This is a clear condemnation of homosexuality. See also I Corinthians 6:9-11 and I Timothy 1:10. The “due penalty” could be either physical issues, spiritual penalties, or both.
  • Romans 1:29-31 – The “rollcall of the hell bound.”
  • Romans 1:32 – See Romans 6:23. This is probably referring to spiritual death.