Claims vs truth

  • Acts 8:6-13 – Simon was practicing magic and claiming to be someone great.
  • Simon immediately saw there was a difference between what he was doing and what Philip was doing. It was real power and was not done to promote Philip himself.
  • It’s easy to claim anything, but people need truth.

It’s hard to kick old habits

  • Acts 8:14-24
  • Mark 16:16
  • Simon was saved through baptism, then sinned and needed to repent. This disproves the “once saved, always saved” doctrine. See Galatians 5:4; James 5:19-20.
  • Simon had built a reputation as a magician and was likely used to the attention.
  • Acts 8:21 – Simon’s problem was his heart.
  • I John 2:16

The gospel is for all

  • Acts 8:5, 12-13, 22 – Philip went to teach the Samaritans, a group hated by the Jews.
  • Galatians 3:28
  • You can find hope in the gospel.
  • Anyone can find hope in the gospel.
    • Everybody has a soul!