• Acts 17:22-31

Seek God

  • Acts 17:27
  • Athens was a city full of idols (Acts 17:16). The Parthenon, Erectheion, and other temples were everywhere!
  • Psalms 51:17 – God has always wanted a humble heart.
  • II Chronicles 6:18 – Man’s service to God is about the heart. God even tore down the temple when Israel turned from Him!
  • God created us so we would seek Him! (Acts 17:27)

Develop confidence in this universal truth

  • Acts 17:23-24, 26, 28, 17-18 – God is universal. Paul does not describe Him as the Hebrew God, but as the God. God created us all and we are all His children.
  • Acts 17:31 – God will judge all the nations. See Matthew 25:32. God gave proof in Jesus’ resurrection.

Don’t let others discourage us.

  • Acts 17:18, 32 – The philosophers sneered at Paul!
  • Romans 1:15-16 – Paul was eager to preach and was not ashamed of the gospel.