• I Peter 2:14-3:2
  • I Peter 2:16 – See Galatians 5:1-2. God set us free from sin through forgiveness of our sins so that we could be His servants.
  • I Peter 2:17
    • Love the brotherhood: This is the only place in the Bible where any sort of brotherhood action is commanded.
    • Fear God: This involves two types of fear:
      1. Reverence for God
      2. If we do not obey Him, we should be afraid of His punishment.
    • Honor the king: We are to honor the office of the ruler.
  • I Peter 2:24 – In what sense did Jesus bear our sins? See Leviticus 16:14-22. Just as the scapegoat bore the sins of the people, Jesus bore our sins on the cross. The difference is that Jesus needed only to bear our sins once for all time. The scapegoat ceremony had to be completed yearly. Compare Hebrews 10:1-10.