• Train children to respect and obey authority (continued):
    • Consider the following views (continued):
      • “I love my child too much to discipline him/her”
        • Hebrews 12:7-8
        • Proverbs 13:24
      • “Wait till your father gets home!” or “Wait till your mother gets home!”
        • Proverbs 1:8
        • Proverbs 19:26
        • Ephesians 6:1-3
  • (Grand)parenting applications: training children to respect and obey authority

Specific Goal

Passage(s) to discuss & guide

Ways (grand)parents can exemplify and teach

Temptations and hindrances

Behaviors to correct

Reject the entitlement mentality

Luke 17:7-10; Philippians 4:11-12; II Thessalonians 3:10

Work hard; don’t expect bosses to give you special handouts

Culture of low expectations and little work ethic; lazy parents

“Gimme gimme gimme!”

Listen well

II Kings 17:13-14; Proverbs 2:1ff; 12:15; 18:13, 17

Model active listening; have them explain what you just said.

Distracted, disinterested, planning what to say


Be respectful and considerate in a disagreement

Acts 18:4; 26:24-25

Let kids observe you settling disputes properly; don’t jump in and settle every conflict for them.

Impatience, selfishness

Tendency not to share, negotiate, compromise