• Introduction
    • What about marrying yourself or inanimate objects?
    • Leviticus 18:22-25 – Warning against perverting God’s marriage plan.
  • (Grand)parenting applications: training children to love others

Specific Goal

Passage(s) to discuss & guide

Ways (grand)parents can exemplify and teach

Temptations and hindrances

Behaviors to correct

Be generous

Luke 10:30-37; Ephesians 4:28

Budged for others; Speak of others’ needs

Consumer culture; prosperity; constant ads

When gets money, never thinks of others

Forgive like God

Nehemiah 9:16-17; Luke 23:33-34; Matthew 18:21-35

Stop holding grudges; truly forgive children; Explain: “I’ve needed forgiveness myself many times.”

It’s hard to forgive! Peers may encourage revenge.


Serve like Christ

Matthew 20:25-28; Luke 17:7-10; John 13:12-15

View self as servant; point out opportunities to serve; praise service like we would performance.

Not valued by many, must be taught at home; me-first culture

Lack of initiative for others; habit of expecting others to do for self.

Encourage others

I Thessalonians 2:8-12; Acts 11:23-24; II Corinthians 2:6-8

Encourage the child; Make aware: “He looks like he needs some encouragement.”; “Thank you for saying that to him.”

Easy to kick someone when they’re down; too busy to even notice others’ problems.

“He wouldn’t do the same for me.”

Speak the truth in love

Ephesians 4:15, 29; Proverbs 15:1-4

Read Bible prophets and preachers; explain effort it takes (“I’m trying to word this email to …”).

Tempers flare; we don’t know what to say due to little practice, Bible knowledge

Insults, gossip, meanness