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  • II Timothy 4:1-22
  • II Timothy 4:6 – Paul’s death was not long after this epistle was written. This was probably the last epistle he wrote. Paul was ready to be spent in service to God.
  • II Timothy 4:7-8 – See Philippians 3:4-8.
  • II Timothy 4:9-22 – Paul continues to show concern for the brethren. He deferred judgment to God for those that had wronged him.
  • Highlights of II Timothy:
    • Strong relationships with faithful people helped Timothy serve the Lord in a rough world. I Timothy 1:2,15; II Timothy 1:5
    • There would be a constant struggle between truth and error. I Timothy 4:1,6; II Timothy 1:13; I Timothy 1:3-4; II Timothy 3:5
    • Timothy needed to practice what he preached. I Timothy 4:12,15-16; 6:11,14