• Psalm 14:1 – “there is no God”
    • Do you believe the Bible?
    • This verse is taken out of context!
  • Studying the context means reading the surrounding verses to help you understand what a word or phrase means.
    • Examples:
      • Foxes – Matthew 8:20; Luke 13:31-32
      • Love – II Samuel 13:1; Ephesians 5:25; Song of Solomon 1:2

How do you study the context?

  • Just read the verses before and after.
  • The headings in your Bible may be helpful.
  • Glance at an outline in a study Bible, commentary, or Bible dictionary.
  • Pay attention to connecting words.


  • Make sure to also consider how this passage harmonizes with the rest of the Bible.
  • Matthew 4:5-7
  • Hebrews 9:12

How do you study harmony?

  • General knowledge of the Bible
  • Use cross references
  • Use digital search features or paper concordance
  • Use topical Bibles
  • Examples:
    • Psalm 2
      • Psalm 2:1 has a cross reference to Acts 4:25-26, showing that part of the psalm was quoted there.
    • Philippians 4:13


  • Do you believe the Bible is literal?
  • Open your Bible to any page. Can you find a figure of speech?