Third preaching journey (Acts 18:23-21:17)

Apollos (Acts 18:23-28)

  • Priscilla was a great example of a woman serving the Lord. This is a great example of proper attitudes in teaching and learning. Apollos is a great example of humility in learning.
  • See I Corinthians 16:12

Ephesus (Acts 19:1-41)

  • Acts 19:1-7 – If we have had a different baptism, this passage shows you should be baptized again in the correct way.
  • Acts 19:13-15 – Archaeological digs have since found a number of artifacts referring to Jesus and having various incantations similar to what is quoted here.

Asia, Macedonia, and Achaia (Acts 20:1-16)

  • Acts 20:7 – Compare Acts 2:42, 46. The context must indicate whether “breaking bread” refers to the Lord’s Supper or not. This seems to be referring to the Lord’s Supper, while Acts 20:11 refers to a common meal.