Genesis 19

  • Genesis 19:26 – We are not told exactly why Lot’s wife looked back, but we know God didn’t approve since she was struck dead.
  • Genesis 19:34-38 – Bad choices can affect our family for generations.

Genesis 20 – Abraham and Abimelech

  • Genesis 20:1-2 – Abraham has a relapse of faith. Abraham assumes Abimelech is evil. Abimelech takes Sarah. Sarah must have been pretty good looking for a 90+ year old woman!
  • Genesis 20:3-7 – We see another example of God keeping His promise to protect Abraham. God also respects Abimelech’s heart. Think of Uzzah.
  • Genesis 20:8-14 – Abimelech approaches Abraham and restores Sarah.
  • Genesis 20:15-18 – Abraham prays for Abimelech and his people.

Genesis 21 – God keeps his promise

  • Genesis 21:1-6 – Isaac is born. God keeps his promise. They name him “he laughs” as God commanded. It would remind them of when they doubted God. Abraham follows God’s instruction to circumcise Isaac.
  • Genesis 21:7-21 – Sarah has a bad attitude against Hagar. Abraham is distressed but he trusts God. Hagar leaves, then God saves and blesses them. Was this fair?
  • Genesis 21:22-34 – Abimelech and Abraham make a covenant. They place is called Beersheba. Why is this story in the Bible?

Genesis 22 – Abraham finally lives up to the hype

  • Genesis 22:1-2 – In light of sending Ishmael away, God tells Abraham to offer Isaac.
  • Genesis 22:3-8 – Abraham travels about 40 miles to obey God and prepares to worship. Isaac understands what worship was.
    • Where is Mt. Moriah?
      • II Chronicles 3:1; Matthew 26:36
      • This is where Solomon built the temple and where Jesus prayed before His crucifixion.
    • Genesis 22:8 – “God will provide for Himself the lamb” – this was prophecy about Jesus! In the case of Isaac, God provided a ram for the sacrifice.
  • Genesis 22:9-14 – Abraham attempts to go through with offering his son. God provides a ram.
  • Genesis 22:15-19 – God blesses Abraham and all people forever because of Abraham’s obedience. God knows the hearts of men.
  • Genesis 22:20-24 – God sets the stage for Isaac’s future wife.