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Genesis 8

  • Genesis 8:1 – The word “wind” here is sometimes translated “spirit.” Whatever this wind was, it was God who dried the earth.
  • Genesis 8:20 – The first thing Noah did after leaving the ark was to build an altar and worship God. He sacrificed some of the animals from the ark!
  • Genesis 8:21 – The phrase “the intentions of man’s heart is evil from his youth” should not be taken as an endorsement of the doctrines of original sin and total depravity. Other passages directly contradict this idea. Compare I Peter 3:18-21. Just because man can sin doesn’t mean that man can’t make good decisions to serve God.

Genesis 9

  • Genesis 9:1-17 – God makes a covenant with Noah. Man is special in God’s eyes, especially when He obeys God. The rainbow was to be a sign of the covenant. Man now has permission to eat meat and is given dominion over the animals. God institutes capital punishment for murder.
  • Genesis 9:20-28 – Noah sinned. Ham had the wrong attitude about it, which brought a curse on him. This shows why Canaan was given to God’s chosen people.