• Micah 4:4-6
  • Elijah was one of the most powerful prophets ever to serve God.
  • Matthew 17:10-13 – John the Baptist served in the spirit of Elijah.

The widow of Zarephath – I Kings 17

  • I Kings 17:8-16 – This woman was at the edge of starvation, but God preserved her.
  • I Kings 18:1
  • A successful life may not include riches and honor.
  • II Kings 2:11-12
  • Genesis 5:5
  • Only two people in the Bible did not die: Enoch and Elijah.
  • Matthew 17:1-4
  • If God didn’t like Elijah, He showed it in a strange way!
  • Why did God allow Elijah to live in near poverty? Because God doesn’t look at success the same way.
  • Luke 12:20 – Some of the greatest people in history didn’t have much money.

Mt. Carmel – I Kings 18

  • Stand up for truth and fight sin.
  • I Kings 18:17 – What a great victory for God!
  • We may not have a public stage like Mt. Carmel, but we need to stand for truth in our lives.

Alone in a cave – I Kings 19

  • I Kings 19:1-18
  • Push through the hard times.
  • When we get depressed, sometimes we need to get active.
  • God showed Elijah that he was not alone. He reminded him of the facts.
  • I Peter 5:6-7