God and Job

  • Job 38:1-7; 40:1

God’s sovereignty over creation (Job 38:1-39:30)

Dialogue between God and Job (Job 40:1-5)

  • Job immediately responded with humility.

God’s sovereignty over creation, continued (Job 40:6-41:34)

Job’s final response (Job 42:1-6)

  • Job repents and retracts his words.
  • Job 30:19-21 – This might be a place where Job went too far.

God’s conclusion (Job 42:7-17)

  • Job 42:7-8 – God refers to Job as His servant. Job’s right speaking here might be his repentance.
  • James 5:10-11 – The story of Job teaches us about God’s compassion and mercy.
  • Job’s role was to stay committed to God. That’s our role as well, regardless of what we face!