• (Grand)parenting applications: training children to know God’s word (continued)

Specific Goal

Passage(s) to discuss & guide

Ways (grand)parents can exemplify and teach

Temptations and hindrances

Behaviors to correct

Study the Bible

II Timothy 2:14-15; Acts 17:11; Mark 12:10

Answer some kid questions with, “I need to study that”; comment on cross references, translations, content, harmony, and figures.

Quicker and easier to read commentary. Are useful, but should never replace Bible study.

Don’t want to do class lessons with any depth. Attitude: “study is for adults”

Use the Bible as a guide through life

Psalm 119:9-11; James 1:21-25

Exemplify change based on Bible; guide kids’ application of Word by making plans, motivating, accountability.

Change is hard! Easier to go with flow. Takes mature faith to trust text over friends/society.

Hypocrisy: sermon on speech … continue bad words.

Defend the Bible

Hebrews 2:1-4; I Thessalonians 2:13

Be open and honest about science, creation, Bible, evidence, etc.; http://ApologeticsPress.org

We’re not historians / scientists / archaeologists … “Just believe it!”; Afraid to investigate.

“There’s no proof. Everybody just chooses what to believe.”

Use the Bible to teach others

II Timothy 3:16-17; Acts 18:25-26

Exemplify ways to bring up Bible in conversations; practice – “How would you explain ___ to someone?”

Laziness – a good spiritual comment only comes after developing knowledge, thought, courage.

“Well, I think …” instead of “the Bible teaches …”