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  • Mark 9:1 - The church would be established while some who were standing there were still alive.
    • Luke 24:45-53 - The apostles would be clothed with power.
    • Acts 2:1-4 - The gospel is preached in completeness for the first time.
  • Mark 9:2-8 - The transfiguration.
    • II Peter 1:16-18
    • The appearance of Moses and Elijah with Jesus shows the transition to the New Covenant. Jesus was fulfilling the prophecies from the Old Testament, not contradicting them.
  • Mark 9:11-13. Here, “Elijah” is referring to John the baptist.
  • Mark 9:14-29 - Jesus casts a demon out of a boy. Apparently the faith of the disciples was not great enough to cast out the demon.