Genesis 23 – Sarah dies

  • Tribute to Sarah. Sarah dies and Abraham buys a burial place. I Peter 3:6; Hebrews 11:11. Sarah was a big deal!

Genesis 24 – Isaac marries

  • Genesis 24:1-9 – Abraham asks his servant to get a bride for Isaac from Mesopotamia but not to take Isaac there. Trust God to show you.
  • Genesis 24:10-14 – The servant prays for God to direct him.
  • Genesis 24:15-27 – The servant asks the first woman he sees, who happens to be beautiful but proves to be a servant. The servant bows and worships.
  • Genesis 24:28-61 – The servant repeats what happened at the well to show that God was behind it. Laban and Bethuel cannot argue. The servant wants to go back to Isaac as soon as possible. Rebekah agrees to go.
  • Genesis 24:62-67 – Isaac was going out to meditate and meets Rebekah, who covers herself. She became his wife and he loved her.

Genesis 25 – Abraham dies, Jacob and Esau are born

  • Genesis 25:1-6 – Abraham has other sons with other women. (Was this right for Abraham to do?) Abraham sends them away to the east.
  • Genesis 25:6-11 – Abraham dies and Isaac and Ishmael bury him in the cave he bought to bury Sarah.
  • Genesis 25:11-18 – Descendants of Ishmael. Muslims claim they are descendants of Ishmael, thus also children of Abraham.
  • Genesis 25:19-21 – Isaac prayed for his wife to be pregnant.
  • Genesis 25:22-23 – Her pregnancy was difficult, so she prayed to God. God chose who would be blessed. See Romans 9:11.
  • Genesis 25:24-28 – Jacob (supplanter, cheater) and Esau (hairy) were born. Parental partiality caused problems.
  • Genesis 25:29-34 – Jacob cheats Esau out of his birthright, but Esau allows himself to be cheated. Esau didn’t view his birthright as important enough (see Hebrews 12:15). As Christians, how many times do we fail to value our birthright of salvation by continuing to sin?

Genesis 26 – Isaac repeats some of the mistakes of Abraham

  • Genesis 26:1-6 – There was a famine in the land. God tells Abraham not to go to Egypt but to stay in Canaan and He would bless him.
  • Genesis 26:7-11 – Isaac repeats the same mistake that Abraham made to the same guy!