Everybody’s guilty of sin.

  • Romans 1:18, 25, 29-32 – God gives us free will, but He is not happy about our sinful behavior.
  • Stop pretending you’re perfect!

We try to squirm out of our guilt.

  • Deny everything: “God doesn’t even exist!”
    • Romans 1:20
  • Finger-pointing hypocrisy: “Yeah, those sinners sure are bad. Give it to ‘em, Paul!”
    • Romans 2:1-5 – God is an impartial judge.
  • Religious hypocrisy: “Sure you don’t mean me? I’m a guiding light, a corrector, a teacher!”
    • Romans 2:17-24 – Sin is sin no matter who does it. When people are religious hypocrites, they cause others to blaspheme God.

What must we do?

  • Acknowledge our guilt.

    • Romans 3:9, 23 – All have sinned!

    • Romans 3:10-18 – Paul quotes the Old Testament saying the same thing!

  • Put our faith in Christ!

    • Romans 3:21-28