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By David Watson

Benchley, November 18, 2018

  • Introduction
    • A few preacher stories …
      • Johane Masowe denominations (Dickson, Zimbabwe, 2015)
      • Baptism in Hindu lake (Ed Brand, Indonesia & India, 2016)
      • Lydia; Idolaters converted
    • Acts 15:22
    • I Peter 5:12
    • Acts 15:40
  • Silas was a solid Christian upon whom people could depend.
    • Acts 15:22-33 – Dependable people were needed to handle the letter.
    • Acts 15:36-40 – Paul chose Silas to accompany him.
    • II Peter 1-7 – We must also be solid Christians on which others can depend.
  • Silas glorified God even when he suffered.
    • Acts 16:16-26
    • Acts 17:5-15
    • We shouldn’t only serve God when times are good.
  • Silas was an example.
    • I Thessalonians 1:5; 2:1-12
    • One of the best ways we can influence others is through our own actions.

By Jady Stevens

Benchley, April 23, 2014


  • Acts 16:25 – Paul and Silas sing hymns of praise to God while in prison.
  • James 5:13 – We should sing when we are cheerful.
  • We should sin to lift ourselves and each other up.
  • We do not need to put on a false show of emotion.
    • Which is more pleasing to God: false enthusiasm or honest disinterest?
  • It is hard to sing with a big smile on your face.
  • But we do need to:
    • Engage our voices, singing so others can hear.
    • Engage our minds, thinking about the words.
    • Engage our hearts
  • Lesson 7: Elements of modern hymns
    • Section 1: Laments
      • Master, the Tempest is Raging (425)
      • Farther Along (138)


I Peter 5:1-14

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By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, September 30, 2012


  • I Peter 5:1-3: Elders are not to be bosses. They are to be servants of the congregation. See Hebrews 13:17 regarding obeying the elders.
  • I Peter 5:12: Silvanus is thought to be the same as Silas who accompanied Paul on some of his missionary journeys.

I Thessalonians 1

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By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, July 18, 2010

  • The writer of the book is Paul.  The author is the Holy Spirit.
  • The book was probably written about A.D. 52.
  • Paul was in Corinth when he wrote the letter.
  • Acts 17:1-10 – The beginning of the church in Thessalonica.
  • I Thessalonians 1:4 – Can my brethren see my life and know that my election is secure?