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Here are a few resources you may find useful:

  • Benchley church of Christ
  • Mark’s searchable Evernote database – contains notes and outlines for over 250 previous sermons and classes, all tagged according to topic.  (This database has WAY more than what’s on this web site.  If you are looking for a lesson on a particular topic, check here first.)
  • Blue Letter Bible – an excellent online resource for Bible study
  • Bible Gateway – another excellent online resource
  • Apologetics Press – publishers of tons of great study material, primarily dealing with creation, evolution, and evidence for the Bible
  • E-Sword – free desktop Bible study software (although you do have to pay to use some translations)
  • WordSearchvery nice desktop Bible study software.  This is what I used for years (before switching to Logos below) and highly recommend it.  Just get the cheapest $40 version and then buy whatever additional books you want for it.
  • – tons of interesting articles on just about any topic you can think of.  As with everything you read, though, compare it to the scriptures to see if it is true.  Don’t take this or any other web site’s word for it!
  • – if you really want some nice Bible study software that syncs to your phone or tablet and can spend the money, this is the software to get.  This beast has tons of capability.  All you need to start with is the basic starter package and then you can buy additional books or upgrade to a new package later on.  I switched to this after WordSearch and have been loving it ever since.

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