By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, April 10, 2019

  • Luke 6:42-7:50
  • Luke 7:1-10 – This centurion was a Gentile, apparently a man of some means. He showed great faith, so much so that Jesus complimented him. Compliments from Jesus were rare!
  • Luke 7:11-17 – When Jesus did miracles, Jesus usually used His power to help people rather than doing some other great work that would not affect them.
  • Luke 7:16 – “Visit” here means that God sought out and helped His people. It is not a casual social visit.
  • Luke 7:18-23 – John certainly already knew Jesus was the Messiah, as he has previously said himself. John sent these men to strengthen their faith.
  • Luke 7:29 – Those who were baptized accepted the will of God and so justified Him and glorified Him.
  • Luke 7:34 – This is not saying that Jesus drank alcohol. It is simply contrasting Jesus’ diet with the austere diet of John the Baptist.
  • Luke 7:37-50 – This woman did what she could. We don’t always do what we can, but that should be our goal!

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