By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, January 21, 2018

  • James 5:10-20
  • James 5:11 – Job is used as an example of God’s compassion and mercy. Compare James 1:2-3. When we suffer trials, we should have confidence that if we overcome, God will show us mercy and compassion.
  • James 5:13-14 – Some take the position that this is talking about physical illness and the anointing with oil was medicinal. However, this could be referring to spiritual illness. The Greek words used imply that this could be a spiritual condition, which also seems to fit with the context.
    • James 5:13 – Afflicted – κακοπαθέω (kakopatheō) – means suffer hardships (see II Timothy 4:5)
    • James 5:14 – Sick – ἀσθενέω (astheneō) – means weak (see Romans 4:9)
    • James 5:15 – Sick – κάμνω (kamnō) – means to be weary (see Hebrews 12:3)
    • James 5:16 – Healed – ἰάομαι (iaomai) – means made whole (see I Peter 2:24)
    • Possible interpretation: If any is weak, let him call for the elders. The prayer of faith will save the weary. If he has committed sin, he shall be forgiven.

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