By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, January 14, 2018

  • James 4:11-5:10
  • James 4:11 – See John 7:27. This is not a blanket prohibition on judging others. It is a prohibition on evil judgment (judging not by God’s standards). If we could not judge at all, we could not preach repentance to anyone because we could not judge any of their actions to be sinful.
  • James 4:13-16 – Leaving the Lord our of our plans and out of our life is arrogance and sin. We must instead humble ourselves.
  • James 4:17 – When you understand what God requires of you, but do not do it, it is sin.
  • James 5:1-8 – Compare I Timothy 6:10. The love of money is the beginning of many types of evil. Being wealth is not in itself sinful. The warnings here are against those who have misused their wealth and mistreated others.
  • James 5:7-8 – The “coming of the Lord” here could be referring to God coming in judgment against the rich men in James 5:1-6 – not about the Second Coming of the Lord. The first few verses of this chapter also seem to confirm this by indicating that punishment for these wicked wealthy men was already starting.
  • James 5:10 – See Hebrews 11:32-38.

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