By David Watson

Benchley, November 29, 2017

  • Inspiration and translation, continued:
    • Acts 22:16
    • What is the original meaning of the text?
      • II Peter 3:14-18 – If God wants each of us to just come up with his own interpretation, there would be no such thing as distorting God’s word, which Paul warns against here.
    • There is an ongoing need for translations.
      • Matthew 14:15 (KJV): “victuals”
      • II Corinthians 12:1
      • I Thessalonians 4:15
      • English changes over time.
        • Matthew 6:9-10 – original KVJ vs current KJV and ESV
  • Translation philosophy
    • No translation is inspired or perfect.
    • The pros and cons of different translation philosophies.
      • Word-for-word (formal equivalence or literal)
      • Thought-for-thought (functional equivalence, dynamic equivalence, or idiomatic)

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