By Wayne Moody

Benchley, October 15, 2017

  • Proverbs 1:7
    • The beginning: the first and controlling principle
  • Wisdom – Uses the mind, heart, and soul (Matthew 22:37)
    • Ephesians 5:15
    • Begins with the right relationship to God.
    • Believes that God is THE Creator and Ruler.
    • Believes that there is a moral law emanating from God.
    • Wisdom is not something that is theoretical. It is very practical and affects every area of life.
    • It gives order and purpose to life.
    • It gives us the ability to deal with adversities of life.
  • The first and controlling principle
    • Proverbs 9:10
  • The fear of the Lord
    • We acknowledge from our hearts
      • He’s the Creator, we’re the creatures.
      • He’s the Father, we’re His children.
      • He’s the Master, we’re the servants.
      • We respect God for who He is, and listen.
      • We show reverential fear.
      • We fear God’s commands – the way we treat our Bible is the way we treat God.
    • The affectionate reverence by which the child of God lends himself humbly and carefully to his Father’s Law.
    • It is a holy watchfulness and fear that we don’t sin against Him because we desire to please Him in all we do.
    • Proverbs 1:1-6
  • Keys to learning
    • The phrase “my son”
    • The imperatives “hear” or “hearken”
    • The assurance of life for the obedient

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