By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, August 20, 2017

  • The primary argument against Bible classes is that there is no direct Biblical example for them. This is true, but examples are not the only way we learn what a church is authorized to do.
Authority General Specific Specific Expedient Addition
I Corinthians 11:24-25 (Lord’s Supper) Take His Supper Saint Container / hour (I Corinthians 14:16) Different supper / sinner
Genesis 6:4 Build Ark Noah How obtained / bound Different boat / builder
I Timothy 5:16 Relieve Widows indeed Local church Buy / rent Different widow / organization
Philippians 4:15-16 Collective support Teacher of the Word Local church Dollars / house Different teacher / organization
Acts 20:28; I Peter 5:2 Feed The flock among you Local church Gospel meeting / Bible classes Different flock / organization

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