By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, June 28, 2017

  • II Peter 1:1-21
  • II Peter 1:5 – Faith is the starting point! All of these attributes mean nothing as far as salvation is concerned if they are not built on faith.
  • II Peter 1:6 – Self-control (temperance): abstinence from things that are sinful, excellence in things that are right, and moderation in things that are indifferent.
  • II Peter 1:8 – If we are barren or unfruitful in the service of God, it is because we have not added these things.
  • II Peter 1:11 – No one will get into heaven by the skin of their teeth. If we get in at all, it will be an abundant entrance.
  • II Peter 1:12 – We must do the same: continue to encourage and remind others of these things.
  • II Peter 1:19 – The phrase “when the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts) could mean when people come to believe and obey Jesus.
  • II Peter 1:20 – Many confuse this verse and think it says that no scripture is a matter of personal interpretation. Instead, it says that prophecy is not of personal interpretation, i.e., the giving of the gospel. Prophecy comes from God and we look to Him for interpretation.

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