By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, June 11, 2017

  • Acts 17:24-31
  • Introduction
    • Matthew 4:10
    • Why does God desire for man to worship Him? Does God have a need or does man have a need?
    • Serving God is for man’s benefit.
  • God needs nothing seeing that He gives all things to man.
  • Physically, we cannot get along without God. Matthew 5:44
  • Spiritually, we cannot get along without God. Romans 1:16; Ephesians 1:7
  • God wants us to serve Him for His glory. But whether we worship Him or not, He will have His glory.
    • Psalms 148:1-13
  • Most “innovations” that have come into the church have arisen as a result of man trying to help God out.
    • Compare Genesis 12. Sarah thought God needed her help.
    • Alexander Campbell made the same mistake in starting the Christian Missionary Society in 1849.
    • Again, the same mistake was made in 1869 with the introduction of instrumental music.
    • We cannot go beyond God’s word and try to help. We will not be successful.
  • Whatever God commands us to do is for our benefit.
    • Judges 5:23 – Meroz cursed for not carrying out God’s will.
    • Why does God want us to sin? To worship and encourage each other.
    • Why does God want us to give on the first day of the week? For our benefit.
  • When we serve God, the benefit is ours.

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