By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, February 15, 2017

  • II Corinthians 1:11-2:16
  • II Corinthians 1:21 – See I Samuel 10. God anointed the apostles by setting them in place to do their work.
  • II Corinthians 1:22 – God sealed the apostles as belonging to Him and gave them the Holy Spirit as a guarantee that their task was from God and not from man. See also Galatians 1:12.
  • II Corinthians 2:6-8 – Paul is warning against being overly righteous and refusing to forgive a person because their sin is too great. When someone repents, we must forgive and not lay his past life to his charge any more.  When we forgive someone, we should reaffirm our love for them.
  • II Corinthians 2:11 – The enemy is Satan – not the sinning brother!

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