By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, November 27, 2016

  • Mark 14:54-59, 66-72
  • Effectiveness is proportionate to distance. James 4:8.  Peter demonstrated the danger of distance.  He weakened and would not stand by Jesus.  He lied.  He cursed and swore.  Notice the relation in these things:
    • Followed afar
    • Lied
    • Cursed and swore
  • John 2:15-16
  • Ways we may follow afar:
    • Doing that which is not inherently wrong, but doing it to the detriment of following God.
    • Partial obedience. Some obey first principles but then refuse to accept and follow other things God requires of us. Some preach the truth of God’s word but refuse to apply and live by what they are preaching.
  • The lack of effectiveness of one who follows afar
    • He’s lost his influence for good.
  • What caused Peter to follow afar?
    • Fear of the mob.
    • He didn’t have enough faith in and love for Jesus.
  • What does Jesus think of one who follows afar?
    • Luke 9:61-62
  • The end result of following afar
    • Do not try to serve the Lord from afar. If you do not enjoy close proximity with the Lord now, do you think you will in eternity?


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