By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, March 9, 2016

  • Most of the qualifications for elders are qualifications for Christians in general.
  • Qualifications that are peculiar to elders:
    • Desiring the office – I Timothy 3:1. The office of elder or overseer is a good work.
    • Not a new convert to the faith – I Timothy 3:6
    • Apt to teach – I Timothy 3:2. All Christians should be able to teach others to some degree, but elders should be particularly capable in this area.
    • Able to convince those who oppose God – Titus 1:9
    • Husband of one wife – I Timothy 3:3
    • Wife must be of good character – I Timothy 3:11
    • Must rule his own house well. Children must believe and not be rebellious – I Timothy 3:4-5; Titus 1:6
      • It could be that a man has subordinate, well-mannered children, but it is clear that he had no part in raising them to be this way. In this case, the children do not act as a qualification for the man.

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