By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, November 8, 2015

  • II Kings 14:23-25 – Timeline of the book of Jonah.
  • The book of Jonah was written about 780 B.C.
  • Matthew 12:39-41 – Jesus Himself testified to the factuality of the story of Jonah. It is not just a myth or fairytale as some claim.
  • Two main points of the book of Jonah:
    • God is the God of all, not just the Jews.
    • God is anxious to save all, even the Gentiles.
  • Jonah 1:1-17 – This book is full of miracles and acts of God. It is not a miracle that a great storm arose that endangered the ship.  We also know there are creatures in the sea that are large enough to swallow a man.  It is a miracle that Jonah was able to survive in the belly of the fish.
  • Jonah 2 – Jonah recounts his prayer for salvation. God delivers Jonah from the belly of the fish.
  • Jonah 3 – Jonah preaches to Ninevah and the people repented. God repented of the punishment He had planned for the city (Jonah 3:10).
    • See Luke 11:30 – Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites. The Ninevites repented because of what had happened to Jonah.
  • Jonah 4 – Jonah shows his prejudice and becomes angry with God because of the repentance of Ninevah.
  • Lessons from the book:
    • God’s love and mercy for all people.
    • The evil of being narrow-minded and prejudiced.
    • National sin requires national repentance.
    • All that God created is in His control.
    • We can’t run from disobedience.

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