By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, November 23, 2014

  • Some have concluded it is a sin to so sing based on two premises:
    • They have concluded that it is a sin to pray to Jesus.
    • They have concluded that a song is a prayer set to music.
    • Both premises are wrong.
  • Jesus is worship worthy.
  • Praying and singing are worship.
  • Therefore, it is right to pray to Him and address worship to Him.
  • There is scriptural authority to address a prayer to Jesus.
    • Satan did – Acts 7:59
    • Paul did – II Corinthians 12:7-10
    • John did – Revelation 22:20
    • John wrote to uninspired people and told them they could pray to Jesus – I John 5:11-14
    • Rational beings in Heaven very praise to Jesus
      • The four and twenty elders – Revelation 5:9
      • Those who had victory over beast – Revelation 15:3
    • Singing is a distinct act from praying
      • One is a prayer and the other is a song.
      • The Bible nowhere equates them.
    • They are inconsistent
      • They will sing “Praise Him! Praise Him!” telling others to praise Him. Then they refuse to sing songs that praise Him.
        • Worthy Art Thou #782
        • My Jesus I Love You #440
        • Fairest Lord Jesus #137
      • They have based their conclusions on their assumption that a couple of scriptures say more than they actually say.
        • John 15:16
        • I Timothy 2:5
        • The question is not, “Is it a sin to sing praise to Jesus,” but rather, “is it a sin to refuse to sing praise to Jesus?”

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