By Jesse Jenkins and Kevin Scott
Benchley, July 6, 2014
[Editor’s note:  This is an unusual lesson in that it is a study of Mark 15:34 from two different perspectives.  As explained in the audio file, two of the elders at Benchley (Jesse Jenkins and Kevin Scott) take different views on this passage, so each man gave a short talk explaining his perspective.  Like these two men say, we encourage you to study the passage, listen to their reasoning, and decide for yourself what you believe the passage is saying. – MRW]
  • Jesse Jenkins:
    • Mark 15:34
    • Is this statement to be taken literally or as hyperbole?
    • This is hyperbole because of other statements Jesus made.
      • John 8:28-29
      • Luke 23:47-48 – This cry caused faith in those that heard it.
    • God has never forsaken one who does His will.
      • Isaiah 59:1-2 – Only sin separates us from God.
      • Ezekiel 18:2-4
      • Psalms 9:10 – Jesus was certainly seeking God!
    • Jesus was made to be a sin offering to bear away our sins.  II Corinthians 5:21; I Peter 2:23
    • Jesus plainly said that God would be with Him and not leave Him alone.  John 8:29; 16:32
    • Jesus’ last words – “Father, unto thy hand I commend my Spirit.”
    • Psalm 22:1
  • Kevin Scott
    • This is literal because the context is not figurative.  Psalm 22 is also literal.  David felt that he had literally been forsaken by God and then presented reasons why.
    • Just like the scapegoat had to leave the congregation to take away sin, Jesus had to separate from God to take away our sin.
    • II Corinthians 5:14-15 – Jesus experienced death for all of us.  Jesus did not taste physical death for us (because we must all physically die).  He tasted spiritual death for us so that we would not have to.
    • Matthew 18:34-35
    • Romans 6:3-4
    • John 8:28-29 – See John 8:16.  What does it mean to be separated? What does it mean to be alone?
    • Mark 16:14 – The closest disciples did not believe the reports of the resurrection.  Jesus quoting Psalm 22 on the cross was not enough to produce faith in them.

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