By Jesse Jenkins

Benchley, June 15, 2014


  • 537 – Pray All the Time
    • The world has not lost the right of prayer – the world does not have the right of prayer (I Peter 3:12).
  • 220 – He Lives
    • It’s true that Jesus lives within the Christian’s heart, but that’s not how one knows that Jesus lives.
  • 438 – My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
    • Saints aren’t dressed in the righteousness of Jesus (verse 4) – that’s a Calvinist doctrine.
  • 645 – The Old Rugged Cross
    • This song switches meaning between the physical cross upon which Jesus died and the metaphysical cross we bear. It also idolizes the physical cross, which is unscriptural.
  • 291 – I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace
    • We do know why God provided salvation for us.
  • 59 – Break Thou the Bread of Life
    • Verse 2 – If you look beyond the Bible, you will not find God.
  • Nobody Knows But Jesus
    • There are two other beings beside Jesus that know – God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
  • Sometimes we sing songs about working for or serving God, but don’t follow through. We must follow through and do what we sing about doing!


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